Mainline, a project of the Mi'Kmaq Native Friendship Centre is a health promotion project dedicated to supporting people through harm reduction programs. Harm reduction treats drug use as a health concern rather than a criminal or moral issue. We are committed to supporting people to focus on their health and well-being through: raising awareness, education and empowerment. We offer Needles, syringes, sterile water, cookers, matches, filters, ties, condoms, safer use kits, safe disposal of used needles. Awareness and education related to harm reduction, particularly safer injection and safer practices. Peer support, including assistance with exploring and accessing detox, treatment, methadone. Assistance in locating and navigating resources for legal, social services, employment and housing issues. Over the counter nutrition as available. Some van-based outreach; some street-based outreach
  • VHC
  • VIH/sida
  • Traitement
  • Counseling et soutien
  • Réduction des méfaits
  • Logement
  • Aide alimentaire et pratique
  • Services juridiques
  • Santé et bien-être

heure de l'Atlantique (TUC-3)

  • Anglais

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